Globalization has brought powerful dynamics of cross-culture to the surface of organizational issues and has inevitably created new challenges for the industry leaders.

Many methods and approaches traditionally used in the field of organizational and executive development need significant revision and adaptation from the cross-cultural point of view in order to be applicable in the new environment.

Culture shock, cross-cultural clashes and stereotyping are just a few of many challenges faced by global organizations and expatriates.

Many of you may think cultural differences frustrate, tire, and puzzle us.

However, if we understand those differences, they can provide a remarkable source of richness for our interactions and can become an incredible resource for our personal growth.

This is exactly what we do through our training/coaching sessions; learn from cultural differences and become richer in vision and personality; as a result become more successful and satisfied global managers & leaders.

The key factor of any successful training is that the participants' needs are met during the training sessions. Ferhan Alesi Cultural Training puts special emphasis on tailoring its courses according to the clients' requirements. Therefore, you will be sent a “Needs Assessment Form” prior to your training session. According to the information you give, your training session will be designed.

Courses can be run for individuals as well as for groups.

They can be arranged as stand-alone sessions or attached to an internal meeting or conference for the company.