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Kayıtlı Sorular ve Cevaplar
Mark Schweitzer, Ph.D., Head of Organization Group Denizbank

Based on Ferhan Alesi’s solid theoretical background and combined with her personal international experience we were able go beyond the standard do and don’ts. It creates awareness of your own communication style and helps with operating successfully in an international environment. Next to that it was fun!

Dr. Jens Foerst, CEO of MAN Türkiye A.S.; says the following after his training of Integration to Turkish Culture:

Der Wechsel ins Ausland hat automatisch die Begegnung mit einer anderen Kultur zur Folge. Diese andere Kultur bringt durch andere Werte, Rituale oder Normen für den Einzelnen Risiken, aber auch Chancen mit sich. Risiken, weil man schnell in unbekannte \"Fettnäpfchen\" treten und so teilweise gar nicht bemerkte Probleme auslösen kann. Chancen, weil beispielsweise Eigenschaften, die in der Heimat eher als Schwäche ausgelegt wurden, nun plötzlich Stärken sind, derer man sich bewußt sein muß. Nur durch die aktive Auseinandersetzung mit einer anderen Kultur ist der Einzelne in der Lage, all diese Aspekte richtig einzuordnen, die neue Umgebung Wert zu schätzen und vor allem auf Mitmenschen richtig zuzugehen. Daher kann ich gerade Expats nur empfehlen, sich durch ein professionelles Training auf neue Kulturen optimal einzustellen.

General Manager of Antalya International Airport says the following after his training on Turkish Culture: Mr. Alexander Zinell

I have now more confidence in day-to-day situations in Turkey, during the session reminder of the importance of cultural issues were made which was very useful. The trainer is very kind and knowledgeable, well prepared, it was a pleasure to work with her! Profound insight into cross-cultural issues were given.

Lafarge, CTEC (Centre Tecnique Europe Centrale), Process engineer. Mr. Cenk Eskin says after his training on Austria:

It was great to have training from someone who has lived in so many countries herself and has an extensive knowledge and experience about different cultures. I now know what kind of cultural differences there are and what I should be doing to deal with these differences. I believe, the practical information that is given during the training especially will be of great help at the beginning.

Dr. Rainhardt Frhr. v. Leoprechting, Metro Group & President of TD-IHK (Turkish-German Chamber of Commerce)

All the information I got during 2 days training session with Ferhan will clearly help me to be successful as the President of Turkish-German Chamber of Commerce. I think Ferhan is an excellent trainer and brought a lot of insights into many topics.

Dr. Fikri Turkay ; Vice President ; Sanofi Pasteur International, Lyon-France

Cultural adaptation is one of the most important things in an expatriate life. When the culture and strategy collides, culture always wins. Despite being working in French Company for more than 15 years, thanks to Ferhan, I learned many new things on how French Culture and Turkish living in France is different and important for an expatriation. Having such training with family members are also important to create awareness, ease family adaptation to a new environment and limits the criticism elements during the change phase.