Integration to Host Culture

Designed for expatriates who are going to live & work in different culture then their own. Provides an overview of host* cultural values, beliefs, and attitudes as well as host cultures’ tradition and taboos.

In business life; how to approach work colleagues, how to negotiate, how to behave during business meetings are discussed and compared with the other cultures & Turkish Culture.

This training also gives information on shopping, local services, children education, housing, etc.

All the necessary information in order to live and work in Host* Culture will be covered during this seminar.


* For Every Host culture training, there will be a “Resource Person” who is originally from that culture to give insights to the trainee(s).


This training can be given to individuals or groups.

All participants need to fill-out “Needs Assessment Questionnaire” prior to the training. After the evaluation of the answers the final program/agenda will be prepared.