Country Specific Business Briefings for Short-Term Assignments & Business Travelers

Perhaps the following lines will sound familiar to you….


Our German partner got really upset about us being late for the meeting. We did not really think it was a big deal. Perhaps our perception of time is different?


"One of our major clients is French. I get the impression that customer friendliness doesn’t mean the same thing to him as it does to me". 

"I will be attending an important meeting in Moscow soon. I really don’t know anything about the Russian culture. Do you have any recommendations?" 

There are no “magic” formulas for doing business with people from different cultures. Understanding the cultural context of your business partners, however,   

may shine light on problems or better prepare you to start a new relationship on the right foot.

Our country-specific Business Briefings are what you need.

This training will improve your effectiveness in intercultural interactions. It will help you gain the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue international business relationships with the same degree of confidence and success that you have working with people from your own culture.